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On 11/28/18 8:56 PM, Chris Slee wrote:
Louis Proyect says:

"Actually, there have been very few murders of civil society activists by Islamists 
in Syria".

I am not sure how many, but there have been some.  On 9 December 2013, four activists in 
Douma - Razan Zeitouneh, Wael Hamada, Samira Khalil and Nazem Hamadi - were abducted by 
armed men and disappeared.  In the absence of any information about them since then, we 
can assume they were murdered. According to Robin Yassin-Kassab and Leila al-Shami, 
"Most people blame Zahran Alloush's Jaysh al-Islam, Douma's strongest militia, for 
the abduction".  (Burning Country, Pluto Press, 2016, page x)

Don't you realize how idiotic you seem bringing up the name of only four people in a total of 7 years?

I guess not.

In the case of Raed Fares and Hamoud Juneid, I would be inclined to suspect 
Turkish military intelligence, which has been accused of killing opponents of 
the Sochi deal.  But I admit I have no evidence to confirm this suspicion.

Maybe it was the Cali cartel.

Louis says:

"...Syria would have been better off if Islamists had taken power in 2013 or so and 
rapidly closed economic and political ranks with Turkey".

Replacing one oppressive regime by another was not the aim of the revolution.  The 
"Kurdish leadership" rightly rejected this false choice.

Yeah, it took choice C, which involved a non-aggression pact with the Baathist Third Reich. The PYD must have read Molotov's autobiography.
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