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Written almost 40 years ago and still one of the best things I've ever read
on the subject.

Marx’s critique of political economy is a critique of the categories
through which the bourgeoisie perceives the world.  Marx’s method is of
central importance in the struggle against reactionary politics.  Marx
himself noted that “no credit is due to me for discovering either the
existence of classes in modern society or the struggle between them.”[1]
The existence of class struggle was well known to bourgeois historians.
They had merely to take into account the reality around them.  What was
distinctive about Marx was his method of analysis, which for the first time
revealed that capitalist relations inevitably lead to the struggle between
classes and that this struggle “necessarily leads to the dictatorship of
the proletariat”.[2]

1. Marx’s method in Capital

In Capital Marx shows that the social forms of bourgeois society obscure
the real relations of. . .

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