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I was irritated by your suggestion that this is a kind of fascist movement. It is irritating because it is the typical reaction of academic leftists with little connection to the popular masses (with all their contradictions in consciouness).

You ask: "where is the class struggle in the "yellow vest" movement?"

Well, it is a) the classes involved (workers and poor middle class against the government of the bourgeoisie), b) it is the subject (protest against austerity attacks) and c) the struggle is pretty obvious.

Are there reactionary forces involved? As we say in the resolution, yes. Is this a reason to turn away from the movement? No! It is a reason to fight these forces INSIDE the movement.

Am 04.12.2018 um 09:11 schrieb Michael Meeropol:
totally agree --- I actually did read something about the demonstrators but recognize that one journalistic account does not a full interpretation make --- (and that goes for a single solidarity statement)

:Before you start commenting in a wild way

What was "wild" about the question I posed below?

Michael Meeropol:> where is the class struggle in the "yellow vest" movement ?-- > Mussolini and Peron came to power with the support of shock troops > from the "downtrodden" --->> Is there a real potential left in this movement or is it ripe to be > the shock troops for Le Pen?--

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