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If you think the Trump administration is trolling with the Nazi references, consider this.

In 2016, the government of Denmark passed a law stating that refugees must hand over any jewellery in their possession to authorities. The justification for this was that it was in payment for future services.

Earlier this year, after the immigration minister Inger Støjberg identified Muslims fasting for Ramadan as a 'danger' to Danes, the government passed a new law identifying 25 "ghettos" where mainly Muslim migrants live, and subjecting them to special measures. In those areas, "ghetto children" must are to separated from their parents from the age of 1, for 25 hours a week, in order that they can be taught Danish values.

Just the other day, the Danish government announced plans to house failed "foreigners who have been convicted of crimes" in a tiny offshore island currently laboratories and disease research centres. That's right: an island as a prison. One of the ferries serving the island is called 'Virus', as if to inoculate the body politic. Støjberg crows that these foreigners are unwelcome in Denmark and will feel it.

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