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"Social democrats throughout history have, as a result of similar class
politics, been quick to collaborate with the bourgeoisie on programs
destructive to the lowest productive class, the proletariat. Harold Wilson
deployed troops to Northern Ireland; Mitterrand took up an 'austerity
turn;' SYRIZA immediately capitulated to the central bankers; Ebert and the
SPD helped the Freikorps kill Luxemburg and Liebknecht. The examples could,
tragically, go for days.

Communists like those in DSA Refoundation or the DSA Communist Caucus - who
may be consolidating at some point - should not ignore this history. DSA
entry advocates should instead explain whether they believe DSA has a
proletarian class character, and if so where the break with historical
social democracy has occurred, particularly in light of their commitment to
the Democratic Party. If they accept that it is not proletarian, they
should answer how they expect to overturn its class basis without
destroying the organization altogether."

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