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World War II began 80 years ago today, on 1 September 1939. The following commentary is at heart a critique of ideologically-driven historical revisionism, which distorts the the truth and promotes falsehoods, and is thus a disservice to the public.

It begins as my rebuttal to an article on the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939, by the Belgian-Canadian professional historian Jacques R. Pauwels; that article being published by CounterPunch on August 26. I give the web-link.

My rebuttal is a combination of history, most recited from memory (so minor details are undoubtedly off), and criticism of ideologically-driven historical revisionism that distorts the truth and even promotes falsehoods, which is what I see in Pauwels’ polished article. My hastily-written rebuttal was dashed off on August 27 and sent to CounterPunch to remain unpublished (okay, really). I revised that draft, added to it and corrected date errors and the like, up to August 30. On that day a superior rebuttal appeared on CounterPunch, by Louis Proyect and Pawel Szelegieniec.

I cite and give a web-link to the very authoritative, very detailed history and rebuttal to Pauwels, written by Louis Proyect and Pawel Szelegieniec and published by CounterPunch, where my commentary on the years 1932 to 1945 ends.

After that I have added my commentary, written in 2011, on the “anti-Atlanticist Communisant French intelligentsia” of the 1950s, because I seen Jacques Pauwels as a second generation of that intellectual orientation of historians and social commentators.

This entire posting is a steam-blast of my indignation at having been confronted by another example of promoted factually inaccurate ideology: propaganda. I realize I’m old, our world today is more than ever awash in lying propaganda, and people seem quite blasé about it as they collide into each other mesmerized by their electronic blinders and flat-screen opioids. But an antique like me can still have his equanimity trammeled by a ubiquitous aspect of our times like propaganda, and even more pathetic, propaganda about the ‘ancient’ past. Sometimes, I can’t help getting riled up by promotional falsehood and the approval of cruel dictatorship.

That’s it.

*Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact 1939, and the Russian-German War 1941-1945*
1 September 2019



Manuel Garcia, Jr.

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