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"On the day that labor holds its traditional marches, rallies and picnics,
the name and a little background of the latest mass shooter was revealed.
This was the shooter in Odessa Texas, who took at least six lives and
wounded 22 others. Seth Ator had just been fired from his trucking job. It
doesn’t require being an creative genius to imagine what happened: Ator,
who was reportedly already spiraling down mentally, got no mental help
because such help is not readily available in our for-profit health care
system. He drove off with his guns in his truck, because that’s what you
carry in that part of Texas. Enraged, desperate and feeling all alone, he
took whatever lives he could because deadly violence is acceptable and life
is cheap in West Texas Trump country.

"Why didn’t Ator look to the unions for community, solidarity, and to win
his job back?

"Then, at the very moment that the unions were holding their rallies,
Hurricane Dorian was rampaging through the Bahamas, leaving death and
destruction in its path. The reason this hurricane is so powerful is the
warming sea water, and the reason for that is… Well, it doesn’t take a
science ph.d. to know… And meanwhile, the fires are burning out of control
in the Amazon. These fires were set by cattle ranchers, some of them from
the US, to open up more land for agriculture. This destruction of the
Amazon will bring more drought and desertification throughout the world.

*Labor Day *"What was said on Labor Day about this looming disaster?"


*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
Jacobins" by C. L. R. James
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