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While we rightly keep in mind the rise of fascist and far right forces in
the US and Europe, there is also the continued threat of fascism in the
Islamic world. I'm referring to the Islamic State. Here's one example of
how it's a ticking time bomb. From the article:

Half a year after the territorial defeat of the Islamic State, the vast
sprawl of tents at the al-Hol camp is becoming a cauldron of
radicalization. About 20,000 women and 50,000 children who had lived under
the caliphate are held in dire conditions at the camp, which is operated
and guarded by 400 U.S.-supported Kurdish troops. With the men of ISIS
imprisoned elsewhere, the women inside the fences of al-Hol are reimposing
the militant group’s strictures, enforcing them upon those deemed impious
with beatings and other brutality and extending what residents and camp
authorities call a reign of fear.

Several guards have been stabbed by women who concealed kitchen knives in
the folds of their robes. Women are threatened for being in contact with
lawyers who might get them out of the camp or for speaking with other
outsiders. A pregnant Indonesian woman was murdered, medical officials say,
apparently after speaking to a Western media organization. Images of her
body suggest she might have been whipped.

“It’s happening at night and it’s happening in the shadows, but no one
informs on who did it,” said a senior member of the camp’s intelligence
department. “They’re afraid of each other here.”....

Kurdish security officials, affiliated with the U.S.-allied Syrian
Democratic Forces (SDF), say they have the troops to guard the facility but
do little else. “We can contain the women, but we can’t control their
ideology,” the intelligence official said. “There are many types of people
here, but some of them were princesses among ISIS. There are spaces inside
the camp that are like an academy for them now.”....

Nor is this growing menace confined to al-Hol. Aid workers from the smaller
al-Roj camp, an hour’s drive away, describe frequent disputes between Iraqi
and other foreign residents: In one instance, an Iraqi woman was barred
from communicating with her neighbors after she removed her veil. In
another, the children of alleged Islamic State fighters tried to bury a
young Iraqi boy alive.

As conditions deteriorate, the inhabitants remain in limbo. Some of the
women want to return to their home countries, but few foreign governments
are eager to take them back, fearing in part the risk that unrepentant ISIS
adherents might pose and that evidence against them might not hold up in
court. The SDF says it cannot be counted on to hold the camp residents
indefinitely. But neither the United States — which ultimately holds sway
in this corner of Syria — nor European and Arab allies have advanced a
workable solution.

“Given that ISIS had women’s units and also taught them how they should
still spread the idea and ideals of the caliphate once they are back in
their countries of origins, they are a serious risk to the society, so
their children could be also,” said an Arab intelligence official....

In a video posted online in July, several women, fully veiled and holding
the Islamic State’s black-and-white banner, said they were delivering a
message from al-Hol. “Brothers,” one urges, “light the fire of jihad and
free us from these prisons.”
*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
Jacobins" by C. L. R. James
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