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For the first half of the 20th century, a college education was largely reserved for the wealthy, but the post-war boom brought changes to American higher education. Government assistance programs like the GI Bill and federal student loan programs allowed for a great expansion of college enrollment. A college degree was seen as a ticket to a good-paying job and a rise in social standing. Things changed again, though, as the post-war economic boom came to an end. By the 1970s the trajectory of upward mobility was no longer guaranteed by the possession of a degree and by the 1980s the era of the educated underclass had begun. In The Educated Underclass: Students and the Promise of Social Mobility, Gary Roth leads us through this history and, with thorough research, exposes the numerous myths and misconceptions that abound in the connections between education, class, and upward mobility. His goal is to show that a recreation of the working class is taking place as expanded numbers of college students enter into the world of work.

full: https://brooklynrail.org/2019/09/field-notes/The-Educated-Working-Class
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