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It seems to me that the Beijing authorities have a bit of a dilemma.  Hong
Kong remains a "golden goose" because of its role in international finance
and trade --- As a prosperous "part" of the greater Chinese economy (this
applies to Taiwan, too, I would guess) it is very helpful to China's future
economic development --

BUT --- it is a potentially dangerous "example" that the Beijing
authorities would not want to "contaminate" workers and citizens in general
on the Mainland ---

So which way do they go -- accommodating the desires of the Hong Kong
population or brutally suppressing them?  (It appears that intimidation is
not working).

How much would Beijing LOSE by an act of suppression?   Would it be "worth
it" to them anyway because of the danger of the "cancer" of
self-determionation and resistance spreading??

Only time will tell --- but I fear for the safety of the people of Hong
Kong ---

(hard to imagine we can count on the British or Americans to "do something"
that would threaten Beijing -- but who knows??)
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