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*The National Question*

*/The Marxist approach to the struggle of the oppressed people/*

by Yossi Schwartz

The pamphlet contains an Introduction and 16 Chapters (see Contents below). It can be read online or downloaded as a PDF at this link:


* * * * *

*/Contents of Pamphlet



*1. The Change of the Weight of the Struggle in the Semi-colonies *

*2. What is a Nation?*

*3. Ancient Nations *

*4. What It Means to Unconditionally Support the Oppressed Nation*

*5. The Position of the Second International as Social-Imperialist and the National Question*

*6. Lenin’s Evolution of Thinking on the National Question*

*7. The Third International and the National Question*

*8. Stalinism and the National Question*

*9. Trotsky and the Fourth International on the National Question*

*10. The Fourth International on the National Question after Trotsky*

*11. On Self-Determination of Oppressed Nations*

*12. The National Question in Russia*

*13. The National Question in China*

*14. The National Question in Europe Today*

*15. Settler Colonialism*

*16. Conclusion*


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