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"History, writes Pierre 
Rosanvallon,<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Rosanvallon> has meted out a 
long series of disappointments, and still bites at our neck. One of France’s 
leading public intellectuals, who began his career working in the secularised, 
once Catholic, trade union, the CFDT, developing their radical approach to 
autogestion, self-management, Notre Histoire starts with reflections on the 
ordeals of politics today."

"Rosanvallon lays claim to the influence of Cornelius Castoriadis on his 1970s 
work for the CFDT and development of ideas about autogestion, and close 
relations with the Socialisme ou Barbarie (SouB) thinkers. His approach to 
labour history was influenced by E.P.Thompson and Gareth Stedman Jones and 
History Workshop. He was informed by Michel Foucault’s ideas on liberalism as a 
“une technologie politique”, and the writings of Jacques Rancière, André Gorz 
and Marcel Gauchet. Rosanvallon, fortified with these influences, could he be 
conveniently classed amongst the hysterical anti-Marxist nouveaux philosophes. 
Not only is Rosanvallon refuse to be called 'anti-Marxist', but for him 
totalitarianism was a wider phenomenon of modernity, marked by the abolition of 
politics as an autonomous realm, and a disregard for democratic processes.


Andrew Coates
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