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*Scattered and disconsolate thoughts*
*WRITTEN by Fouad Roueiha, translated by Mary Rizzo*

The US green light for the Turkish operation in northern Syria is a
disaster and yet another demonstration of how damaging the divisions
between Kurds and Arabs have been, actually serving the interests of
others, rather than to those of people living or who have lived in Syria.
The Kurdish forces, the YPG and YPJ of the PYD party, have been the
backbone of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) sought by Washington and
used for the purposes of not having to deploy American boots on the ground
in the fight against ISIS. A battle that took place without regard for the
local populations (see Raqqa, razed to the ground by US bombing) and which
handed over large Arab-majority territories to a force perceived as Kurdish
nationalist (not wrongly) and therefore as foreign, as if it were an
invasion. Emblematic was the entry of the SDF into Raqqa after its
“liberation”: no Syrian flags, many flags of the most powerful Kurdish
party and enormous portraits of its ideologue Abdullah Ocalan. On the other
hand, the military collapse by the Arab anti-Assad militias, increasingly
becoming hostages to the “sponsors” and therefore quarrelsome and competing
with each other, crushed by the enormous weight of the Russian air force
and Iranian ground troops and other allies of Assad, has pushed whoever
remained standing either to embracing Al Qaeda (in some of its recent
incarnations) or becoming factually under the auspices of Turkey.

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