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Sounds like nostalgia for good old fashioned ultra leftism. May be "radicalism" 
should mean forming armed cells, robbing banks,  going underground etc. At 
least that is what it meant for part of the SDS.In any event, for all their 
ultra leftism, electorally the SDSers were abject supporters of mainstream  
liberalism. Hayden et al "went part of the way with LBJ" in 1964 and supported 
RFK in 1968. Somehow support for Sanders does not compare unfavorably to that.SR
-------- Original message --------From: Louis Proyect What does it mean to be a 
radical? If it is making speeches about the "billionaire class", then it is a 
different kind of radicalization that young people underwent when I was young. 
These were people who joined SDS. Right? They occupied buildings on campus, not 
passing out literature to help DP candidates get elected. That's what galls me 
about the confusion Jacobin and the DSA have sown. 
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