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On 2/3/20 11:20 AM, srobin21 wrote:
In any event, for all their ultra leftism, electorally the SDSers were abject supporters of mainstream  liberalism. Hayden et al "went part of the way with LBJ" in 1964 and supported RFK in 1968. Somehow support for Sanders does not compare unfavorably to that.


This is the SDS that had a lot in common with the DSA, especially through its connections to the League for Industrial Democracy. By 1967, that SDS no longer existed. Between 1967 and 1970, it was the SDS I was referring to. It led campus protests that shook the USA to its foundations. When those protests did not end the war, they resorted to urban guerrilla warfare but only a small fraction of SDS took part in that. Most SDSers became absorbed into American society and probably evolved into the liberals of the 1964 SDS variety. Bill Ayers is the most well-known of them.
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