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 ‘1917’ and the Trouble With War Movies

“Every film about war ends up being pro-war,” Francois Truffaut once said.
Despite the visual achievements of this year’s Best Picture front-runner,
that sentiment may still hold true.... If you happen to get off on being
told, loudly, that a filmmaker is in total control for two hours, *1917 *may
be for you; if you value films that oblige you to think about what you’re
watching and why, I might suggest literally anything else in theaters,
including, I’m guessing, *Dolittle*."

Nice write up that omits the experience of the viewer, focuses on formal
elements to make its argument, and puts the film in the historical context
of film history. It speaks to the inability of formal elements to constrain
conventions and audience readings (often oppositional) ones for war films.
Smart and tidy.
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