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 We seem to be so far down the rabbit hole of money-centered
corporate-consumerist politics.   Raising money to open offices and hire
canvassers is no alternative to a system based on that circular process.
The alternative to running as Democrats is not running LIKE Democrats.

A challenge to the structure of electoral politics has to be reflected in
our practice, not just in abstract and aspirational terms.  What we need
are politics based on people.  We need something with membership that will
maintain some coherence between elections and generate recognizably good
advocates that can run for office and--most importantly--plenty of
volunteers to take the case to the wider society.  Some years back, when
the Green party won over 104,000 votes in this state, I put together a plan
to organize and field teams that could cover the state, establishing viable
little groups where the vote was in double digits and cultivating a
statewide network that would circulate speakers and engage in regular
public forums and events.

The old Socialists and other insurgents established membership bodies that
amounted to roughly a tenth of their voting strength.  Out of over 104,000
voters, we could have put together an organization of several thousand and,
with the right work, been able to get a significantly higher vote total in
the next election.   But the self-elected "leaders" feared something of
which they would not be guaranteed control.  And the bulk of them have
since slithered off to the Democrats.

As I've pointed out repeatedly, there is no reason why various groups
couldn't cobble together a united electoral front at the local, state,
regional or national that could do something like this.  Make it
people-focused and have confidence that good politics will always prevail
in a fair fight out in the open.
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