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*On March 3, 1991, pro-British terrorists of the Ulster Volunteer Force
attacked people drinking at Boyle’s Bar in the village of Cappagh in the
six counties (“Northern Ireland”).    They shot dead four people, three of
whom were IRA members (Cappagh is a staunchly republican village).  Tommy
O’Sullivan (51) was the civilian and was in the bar; John Quinn (23),
Malcolm Nugent (20) and Dwayne O’Donnell (17) were the IRA Volunteers, who
were shot in a car arriving in the car park.  Local IRA leader Brian
Arthurs survived as patrons barricaded the doors when they heard shooting
outside.  This was one of the many occasions in which loyalist killers
collaborated with state forces.  The following statement has been released
by representatives of the families of the Cappagh Victims have released
this statement, as Sinn Fein has been embracing the Police Service of
Northern Ireland (PSNI), which is riddled with people involved in
collaboration with loyalist killers and is integral to the whole repressive
apparatus of the British state in the occupied part of Ireland. – P.F. *

*Statement by Representatives of Families of Cappagh Victims*

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