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DW writes that Bernie Sanders, a declared socialist - being in a national poll -
in first place as a candidate for president of the United States - "is no big 

Well, it is a BIG hopeful deal to myself and many others who have never seen
such in our lifetimes.  It concretely shows a radicalizing and class awareness
by a growing part of the U.S. national working class - particularly youth that
compose both the largest sector of voters and are also supporters of Bernie.

I could lie and state that I am sorry, the very isolated and ineffective 
sectarian left
may not get their pronouncements and wishes met - and Bernie Sanders actually
does succeed in winning.

However, I would prefer Bernie over Trump - and that obviously "small detail" to
some of the sectarian leftists, of  Bernie taking on the fosil fuel industry 
of a sustainable environment.

>From my obviously naive view that I hold - of without breatheable air and
livable temperature - one can organize nothing.  There are no movements,
no organizations, no protests - nothing.

So while some seem to join with the corporate folks unhappy with Bernie gaining
support for the views he expresses of his tame social democracy, while those as
myself who hold views to the left, will be happy if Bernie takes the state 
tomorrow in New Hampshire and the many U. S. states to yet happen over the
next four months.

I have heard in a positive way the word socialism being spoken and millions in 
U. S. starting to become more aware of - due to the Bernie Sanders for President
Campaigns.  Not the isolated ineffective sectarian leftists, that seem more 
than supportive of this.

Abstaining and sitting and complaining - a fine example of sectarian minded
that use to be the Sparts and the Healyites - but when one stands still - and
the world changes, one finds themselves isolated and irrelevant.

The reformist Bernie Sanders of older age, is doing more each day to promote
class awareness and why I am proudly supporting and volunteering for. I truly
look forward to picketing U. S. president Sanders in the White House on many 

But I am confidant that Bernie will take on the fossil fuel industry and 
nuclear weapons.  That is far more than the ineffective and isolated sectarians 
ever will.

If I am wrong, only my time and hopes are wasted, but if I am correct, it seems
the results would be worth that hope and chance.  The sectarian left has nothing
to offer - but their egos needing to be most perfectly aware.  Those not 
from activism and trying to be effective, can join the many of us who determined
there is no other game or choice to both raise needed awareness of the 
young workers and an eventual mass party of and by working people for our needs
while the isolated petit bourgeois academics condemn everything happening that
they are not leading.

Should the corporate dems reveal "even more clearly" to many working people
their refusal to support even a mild social democrat. That they are loyal 
politicians to the greedy wealthy destryers of our environment and all life on 
this can well be a "BIG DEAl", and I am hoping will lead to a viable organized
mass working class and political party that further events might lead to.

Abstention changes nothing and will have no positive effect.
When there is someone on the ballot who does represent (even if weakly) a
socialist (social democrat) platform - then what is there really to lose in
supporting?  Keeping one's religious pure views of perfection, or getting
involved with the working class that might have important segments in motion
and open to more awareness and activism?   I will only support Bernie for
U. S. president and not any corporate dem.  Why not work and support that?


I've already noticed Sander's supporters going crazy on this. It's one poll
folks. What is the big deal? It is so early in this party primary campaign
season that nothing significant can really be derived from any of these
polls so early on. The Quinnipiac poll has Sanders leading nationally. But
no poll shows him with more than 27%. That means among Democratic Party
votes, 73% vote, literally, for someone else. The polls in the last 30 days
show Biden still winning the nomination. The NBC poll last week by "5pts".
The Morning Consult poll from the week before has Biden winning by "4pts."
It really is a muchado about nothing.


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