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I would support every attempt at expanding the public sector (in useful ways, 
obviously not the military, for instance) and every attempt at taking over 
industries, failing or not! And I would have voted Sanders too, had I been 
American. But as long as you have a private finance sector it can wreak massive 
havoc on any such attempts. Mitterand backed down quickly 40 years ago and that 
was a time and a place where objectively this process should have been less 
difficult. The Scandinavian social democracies Sanders seems to admire have 
stood for nothing but neoliberal anti-reformism since the early 80s as well 
(Swedish social democracy has presided over the fastest growing gap between 
labour and capital of any OECD nation). The question remains, how can Sanders 
stand up to the pressure of finance capital and what forces does he have behind 
him to make this stand possible?

>> Agreed. But surely the real problem with spending is about ideology and 
>> class struggle. The financial markets (i.e. the ruling class) react one way 
>> when spending goes to bailing out businesses (or buying more guns), and in 
>> an entirely opposed way when it goes to improving the lives of the working 
>> class and the general population. 
> Which is why you use that spending power to expand the public sector. You 
> could even use it to — gasp — take over failing industries, and wind them 
> down if they aren’t usefully productive, transitioning the workforce into 
> things we want done. But it’s easier to think of ways it can’t work than to 
> do it.

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