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Look at what happened to Mitterand, who was elected on the most ambitious 
reformist program we’ve seen after the post-WW2 ”golden decades”. There’s no 
need to go all conspiracy theory to see the problem of finance markets for 

> ”What Daniel is implying is that the financial markets are controlled by the 
> political decisions of the capitalist class.”
> No, I don’t mean to imply that they are CONTROLLED. What I said is they 
> REACT. There’s a very important difference between those words. Financial 
> markets certainly react as they do PARTLY because of conscious decisions in 
> times of conflict (capital flight, destabilization) and partly because people 
> with power over large sums of money tend to become worried about spending on 
> welfare but not so worried by spending on bail outs and arms. 
>> Daniel Lindvall wrote: "The financial markets (i.e. the ruling class) react
>> one way when spending goes to bailing out businesses (or buying more guns),
>> and in an entirely opposed way when it goes to improving the lives of the
>> working class and the general population."

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