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For years now--and longer--there was nothing stopping radicals from
organizing independent mass actions.  Had we been exercising this function,
we'd not be left as essentially consumers and cheerleaders to electoral
politics.  It can surprise nobody that the Democrats did nothing to build
on the unprecedented mass marches that greeted Trump's inauguration, but
radicals have done very little but watch events from the sidelines.  When
Trump was foisting Kavenaugh onto us, for example, public sentiment was
such as would have supported demonstrations that could have flooded the
capital with supporters and choked the process . . . which would have cut
one of the main motives for the Republicans to sustain their criminal
president.  Over 50% of the public wanted Trump removed from the
presidency, and the Left did nothing more than the Democrats wanted done,
so we're still paying the price for that.

The pathetic history of radicals in the current election campaign simply
extends that role.
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