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> On Feb 14, 2020, at 4:01 AM, Daniel Lindvall <daniel.lindv...@filmint.nu> 
> wrote:
> But, if you have to rise taxes, not to fund the spending as such, but to 
> offset inflation, how much difference does it really make?
> Kavanagh: ”…surtaxing the rich does not transfer funds directly to pay for 
> another activity like healthcare, but it does help configure the money supply 
> on a macro level to enable more social spending. It averts the inflation that 
> would occur if both a lot of spending on healthcare andthe infinite 
> appropriation of money by individuals were tolerated. Taxes don’t raise 
> funds; they do help control the money supply.”

If you can read that piece and be left with that question, and without any 
curiosity to pursue any of the ideas mentioned in it, there’s nothing 
whatsoever I can do to help you. 
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