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There's plenty worth discussing here.

American radicals naturally had a better handle on most of these things
than Marx and Engels.  Those interested in their thinking could consult
_Long Road to Harpers Ferry_, written without the sanction and support of a
Genius Grant from the MacArthur Fellowship or any other corporate
sponsors--or getting regular public service blurbs on cable TV, in between
the insurance ads and the 24/7 arguments to persuade us that
African-Americans are pragmatically shifting their support from Joe Biden
to Mike Bloomberg.

Someone was asking earlier for a radical response to _Winners Take All: The
Elite Charade of Changing the World_ by Anand Giridharadas.  Although there
are obvious problems with the book, I would urge that it be read.  It makes
some very important points that serious radicals need to consider,
particularly the way corporate venues have rather successfully undercut
independent movement-oriented radicalism over the last twenty or thirty

Mark L.
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