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Btw, this all makes the Corbyn debacle doubly sad. If a second wave of social 
democratic/welfare capitalist reforms were thinkable at all, then surely a 
situation where Corbyn led the UK and Sanders the US simultaneously would have 
been that moment of possibility.

> I’m sorry, I must be expressing myself very clumsily, English after all is 
> not my first language. My question was purely about campaign strategy, I get 
> the rest of it. But it’s not like a candidate is going to get around the 
> screams of ”inflation, inflation, inflation”, so how could s/he get around 
> discussing higher taxes as part of what is needed to curb it eventually? I 
> can’t see that question going away until x years later when people see the 
> great new infrastructure. Just as ruling class resistance via financial 
> warfare won’t go away just because many of them understand that their 
> purported theory defending this warfare (”budget balance” etc) is a crappy 
> excuse.
> I hope to be proven wrong and I support any serious attempt at pushing 
> through real reforms, but I can’t see it happen without a mass movement 
> threatening the hell out of the ruling class. The limited (in time and space) 
> successes of social democracy after all came about through an almost perfect 
> storm: a vibrant labour movement, a successful revolution in a major country 
> that threatened to spread, two world wars and a depression within the space 
> of 30 years destroying massive amounts of capital, the war economy and the 
> collective effort needed to win the war, and on top of that took place in 
> countries that benefited from centuries of globally highly uneven 
> industrialization ultimately fed by the spoils of colonialism. 

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