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 A most interesting article that  is focused upon events in Alabama and how
progressive it was.  Centered upon unions.
Have not read the book that the article is based upon but I did read Robin
D G Kelley's "Hammer and Hoe" <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammer_and_Hoe>
about the Communist Party organizing black and white sharecroppers
alongside Birmingham mine and iron workers.  Excellent piece of work.

In the article there is a good description of "Big Jim" Folsom
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Folsom> and how relatively progressive
he was.  Was sorry that there was no mention of Richmond Flowers Sr and Jr
who took similar unpopular stances.  Damn.  Just thought about it:  Folsom
prison might be named after "Big Jim".  Irony.  But I remember those two as
I'm sure that bells were rung reading their names.

Also brought to mind from the politics of that time and place is John
Patterson, arch-segregationist governor, maybe better known than the two
above because of movie based on his life "The Phoenix City Story"
As I recall it was centered upon corruption and Patterson's father was
killed by gangsters.  Wallace's loss to Patterson led him to make the
promise that he "would not be out-niggered again".

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