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From: John A Imani <johnaima...@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, May 31, 2020 at 7:57 PM
Subject: Re: [DopeXResistance-L.A.] Fw: June 1st actions-Class
Consciousness in LA
To: Michael Novick

Comrade, what is interesting about this is the innate class consciousness
of the participants now as opposed to '65 and '92.  Them and then both
began in and wrought more damage in south LA.

This (not excepting the first night of closure of 101 fwy which, in my
opinion, was aimed most at the upper classes of downtown) has begun in the
wealthier areas of the city and county.  Let us hope that it stays there.

I think that this is a qualitative leap, that which is happening now.  Now
its not just the rage.  Now is the directed rage.   Thankfully, it is
directed, where it should be, at the relatively better off parts of town.
The attempt to get to Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, last night was the best
example of this.

But here we have started with BLM.   A class conscious org that we did not
have in 65 and 92.  Many (see CNN, FOX News, Pat Harvey of Channel 2 CBS,
etc) are using this very legitimacy ("It was murder", even Trump says so)
of the protests against the militancy of the protests.  "Peaceful
protesters" versus looters.  Which do exist.  There are opportunists, some
organized, so as to use the rage of the many so as to gain brief monetary
gain for themselves.

But...and here is the point.  All activity has been in the well-off
portions of LA,  Many comrades in the street, however, have not yet learned
that there is a class difference between the corporate giants such as
Nordstrom (though it was hit), CVS, Whole Foods etc, and the small
businesses that took the brunt in 1965 and 1992.  But that is our (as
revolutionaries) fault for not being able to communicate to our people the

This is a great opportunity, the first in 50 years, to place demands upon
the system which it cannot grant:

Jobs for all at  living wage

No borders for labor

Redevelopment of Africa and Latin America and SE Asia away from their
economies based upon exports to colonizers to an economy designed for local
needs and desires

Universal Income

Expropriating tax upon exiting wealth

Nationalization, and by that socialization, of the major means of production

Housing, education and health care for all

Elected national board of review of all police misconduc

And so many more.

But all of this is to say that what is happening now is light ears further
down the road than we, as revolutionaries, faced in the 60s.

May we use this opportunity wisely.

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