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Asian Solidarity with Black Lives: Dismantling Racial Capitalism

Free Online Event Monday June 29, 2020 from 1:30pm to 3:00pm PDT

Anti-Asian and Anti-Black racism and oppression are pieces of Canada’s 
concealed histories, which continue on today. At this pivotal time, solidarity, 
particularly among racialized groups, is needed more than ever. With Min Sook 
Lee as the moderator, Winnie Ng and Carol Wall will discuss their perspectives 
on Anti-Asian and Anti-Black racism, solidarity between Asian and Black 
communities, as well as share their insights on dismantling racial capitalism.

Min Sook Lee, an award-winning documentary film director/producer of such 
documentaries as “Migrant Dreams”, an educator, and a political activist.
Carol Wall, a labour and social justice activist who has had an extensive and 
diverse career within labour in which she recently retired as the Ontario 
Regional Director for the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.
Winnie Ng, a labour rights activist, educator, and community organizer with a 
deep commitment to anti-racism, equity and worker empowerment. Winnie is 
currently an Adjunct Professor with the School of Social Work, Ryerson 
Go to eventbrite to register: 
This event is co-sponsored by the Asian Canadian Labour Alliance, Coalition of 
Black Trade Unionists, Ontario Federation of Labour - Workers of Colour 
Committee, OPSEU Coalition of Racialized Workers, OPSEU Provincial Human Rights 
Committee, and Toronto & York Region Labour Council - Chinese Workers Network.
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