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Earlier today in Petersburg, the final two defendants in the notorious
frame-up known, hilariously, as the Network Case, were sentenced to seven
and five and a half years in prison, respectively, for “involvement in a
terrorist community.”

In reality, anxious to show their paranoid fascist president that he was
right to surround himself with one of the largest security and bureaucratic
apparatuses in history, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) abducted
and tortured a dozen absolutely harmless young men in Penza and Petersburg,
and then cooked up a fascist fairy tale about how these young men (many of
whom most of us would be happy to have as neighbors) were actually a secret
“terrorist community,” code-named “the Network,” who were planning to cause
mayhem on the eve of Putin’s triumphant re-election and the soccer World
Cup in 2018.

There wasn’t any “Network,” and it had no plans of doing anything of the
sort. But it is now over two and a half years since the FSB kicked off its
little adventure in Penza (in October 2017). Over the last year, the ten
defendants in the case have been sentenced to a total of 110 years in
prison due to the FSB’s sick fantasy.

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