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ANDREW:   Considering that Robert Paxton points to the Klan as a fascist
organization decades before Mussolini came to power I have to agree with
that point


But I do think the difference, even between the Jim Crow South and true
fascism, is that even in the 1920s and 30s the "trappings" of bourgeois
democracy were still there.   In Frederickson's book WHITE SUPREMACY (a
wonderfully synthesized comparative history of the US and South AFrica) he
makes the point that even in the era of JIM CROW, the 14th Amendment to the
US Constitution made the Southern US qualitatively different from South
Africa ---

I think the only thing that could have beaten the true fascism of Italy and
Germany was defeat in a war --- whereas even in South Africa, there was a
way out of Apartheid short of whole-sale Civil War --- and in the US, all
that was necessary was the Federal Government's willingness to enforce the
14th Amendment.

In this circumstance, I do think we have a lot to fear of a fascist
(creeping fascist??) transformation of the current US version of bourgeois
democracy --- IF Trump gets and second term and Barr is able to continue
with his centralization of power in the Presidency and voter suppression
and a totally remade Judiciary, then within another 4 years we may have
passed the point of no return ---

(In fact, the only thing that will stand between Trump-Barr-etc. and true
fascism may be the professional military in the US ... although the German
military was bribed into cooperating with Hitler ....)

Sorry to bring this up again (on a Marxist discussion list!!!) but that's
why even a right-wing Dem like Biden is qualitatively "so much better" than
Trump --- (okay, okay, I'm shutting up again!!!)

(Mike Meeropol)
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