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First of all, in reply to Andrew Stewart: I challenged the idea that the
South was under a fascist regime in any period of US history. In doing so,
I did not refer to the Populist Party. I referred to the union organizing
drives in the South, including public meetings. No such meetings would have
been possible under a fascist regime.

Secondly, there seems to be a failure to distinguish fascist from
bonapartism. Mexico, for example, was under a bonapartist dictatorship for
the 70 years of the PRI rule. It was similar under Batista in Cuba. I think
there are some fundamental differences between the situation in those
countries and fascism.

I have repeatedly written about Trump's drive towards one-man authoritarian
rule. By that I mean bonapartism. If Trump manages to suppress the vote and
use other means to get a second term, I think he'll go a lot further down
that road. We couldn't even discount the possibility of his becoming an
outright bonapartist ruler - or possibly his son would upon succeeding him.
But I don't think actual fascism is really in the cards. Under fascism, the
ruler needs to have his or her own mass private army of thugs, such as
Hitler's SS. While the militias aspire to such a role, they aren't even
close, nor do I think it's likely that they will get close. Under fascism,
the working class organizations - the unions in this country - aren't
merely put under state control, they are smashed entirely and the working
class is completely atomised. I don't think that is at all likely, even if
Trump succeeds himself.

John Reimann

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