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Kevin Lindemann and Cathy Campo wrote


Does this deliberate upping the repressive ante have earmarks of a global civil war? What the Chicago authorities are doing is being repeated everywhere, and not just because of Trump and his ilk. Trump appears to be little more than a harbinger and troubadour for worse to come.

Access to legal representation and the media are being attacked in the streets as well, shutting off informed access to internal wars just as they have done with our external wars, out of sight, out of the middle class mind. Will we see less and less up-close filmed revelation of what they want to conceal, as it even becomes possible, with the steady gutting of civil liberties, that people's i-phones at the scene are on flimsy grounds silently confiscated? While information is increasingly confined to authorities, with surveillance rampant?

Social control is out of control from top to bottom. I see the alarm expressed by a few major media outlets lately as the shocked gasp of bourgeois liberalism as to what is to come - before they join their confreres in the world of business as it must be.

To spell out some more of it that we may see but don't often enough explicitly enumerate, and don't we know that these probabilities are top of the destructive, containing forces' agenda in boardrooms, at Davos and Bilderberg:

What, after the election, when they no longer will get federal funds to those millions strapped, evicted and hungry, as happened in the thirties here and is happening elsewhere all over the world; but this time with no growth in increased wealth through expansion of profitable value-creating production, and instead more and more generation of and sequestering of profits of fictitious capital, property speculation, and debt manipulation? When state and municipal governments are failing; when the first wave surges, then subsides and a second wave of Covid-19 strikes; when there is no end to savage racism against all with skins darker than pink-skinned Caucasians and with little effective power; when global poverty hits big with a new depression that leaves 1929 as relatively minor occurrence?

What happens when the environmental meltdown begins to come home to Americans and Europeans as forced migration deepens from impoverished, starved-out areas of the southern hemisphere generally?

And when massive repression is increasingly resorted to through capital's immense power in protecting the privileged from surges of protest from every direction?

Is this, or an almost irrepressible part of it, not in our future?

If so, what do we plan to do about it? As to the environment, it has gone to the point where mitigation is the only viable objective, and as it slips further down the sluice ways still nothing's happening to confront it, while the profit-generating panaceas of capital are still in charge as solutions.

As to preservation of human lives, we seem to have options but for the present we flounder, seemingly irretrievably.

Though objective conditions may point to solutions, if we read those developments right, when do we see that happening? When do we start to piece together the larger picture, rampant, globe-straddling transnational corporate power aided by authoritarian, captive governments and their ministrations, and begin to understand what effective opposition will look like? Will it be too late, because we, unlike capital, have not done our deep-shit homework? Looking back fondly on glorious past revolutions and Trotskyist solutions, or fulminating on Assad and his like, or remarking interminably on manifestations of chaos, certainly won't get it.

Slants on the future are supposed to end on a hopeful note, but my god that's become more and more difficult.
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