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Louis asks if David Harvey is correct on the need to keep capitalism afloat? 
The simple answer is No. Richard Seymour is a great writer and analyst. But he 
has a soft spot for Harvey, in imperialism as well, which is completely 
unwarranted. They set up a straw man, the immediate collapse of capitalism, and 
 then say, what would the left do to prevent human catastrophe. How is this an 
argument? Struggle against it. Pressure the state however you can. And build up 
our own capacities, through collective self-help actions, as are happening 
around the world. Yes, let's save a system that is killing us, every damned 
day, in every way imaginable. That makes a lot of sense. Shades of that 
charlatan, Yanis Varoufakis. I have seen John Smith's criticisms of Harvey. are 
these precious, as Seymour says the criticisms of Harvey's recent video are 
now? Precious? Give me a break.
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