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I am black.  72 years old.  An anarcho-Marxian.  And, as an adult, have
logged 50+ years of participation in many many movements always to be found
in the same place: on the front line.  I make those statements because I
have never sought nor accepted the privileges of race, age, my grasp of
politico-economics and/or the braggadocio resulting from  "Jaws"-like
comparisons of battle scars.

And because of these experiences and this disposition I invite criticism as
I have never feared being wrong only of being incorrect.  And, on this,
especially at this special time.

"GWTW" is beautifully filmed, finely acted, magnificently scored, if
historically inaccurate, depiction of the ante-, inter- and post-bellum
South.  It is a work of art even if also an agent of racism.  It--like
statues and monuments klan outfittings and speeches--belongs with those
brethren in a museum.  And alongside these mementos explanations and
criticisms giving these their proper contexts.  In this case that museum's
name is TCM.

I recently saw for the first time Hattie McDaniels' acceptance speech
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7t4pTNZshA> for winning the Acad Award
for Best Supporting Actor.  It was as magnificent as it was short,
emotional and uplifting.  It was as grand as her portrayal of 'Mammy' in
the film wherein I have never seen an actor so embody the conscious as well
as the subconsciousness of the character portrayed.  Do we burn that film
as some have burned books?

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