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This would seem tp be a throwback to the pre-Thatcher Conservative Party which 
had embraced the post-WW II social democratic consensus and which was often 
openly racist oo.

Jim Farmelant
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From: Louis Proyect via Marxism <marxism@lists.csbs.utah.edu>
Subject: [Marxism] A Surprising Role Model Emerges for Boris Johnson: F.D.R.
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2020 09:31:04 -0400

(Why so surprising? Both are racist.)

NY Times, June 30, 2020
A Surprising Role Model Emerges for Boris Johnson: F.D.R.
By Mark Landler and Stephen Castle

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Now Scientists Are Warning About a Scary New Flu Virus
Heat Grows on White House Over Alleged Russian Bounties
Family's Boat Collides With Humpback

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