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I don't agree with Michael Meeropol that poll numbers mean nothing. Nor
does either Trump or Biden. Even in 2016 the poll numbers weren't that far
off. They predicted a Clinton victory, and they were right. They just
didn't take into account the electoral college distortions. Also, there was
another factor: Just slightly over a week before the election, Comey
released a statement saying that there was more to investigate regarding
Hillary Clinton. That had a significant effect, but it came too late for
the polls to show it.

As far as voter suppression: I've been commenting on that for some time.
However, Trump can only suppress just so much of the votes, and it has to
be done on a demographic basis. In other words, he can't pick and choose
which individual voters he wants to suppress; he can only suppress votes
in, for example, a mainly black precinct. His problem is that now, it's not
only college educated younger white voters who are turning against him.
Even older voters are, including older whites. And even his lead among
non-college educated whites is declining.

We should never underestimate the potential of Biden to totally screw
things up, nor the possibility that some shock could happen that could
transform everything, but Trump made his real move when he tried to get the
army to intervene. Once he was stymied there, he was in deep trouble. Not
saying the outcome is definite, but he's in trouble.

And I think it's ridiculous to think that we'd be in better shape if
Clinton had won. No, I didn't vote for her, but the degree that the far
right - outright fascists included - has developed under Trump is
unprecedented in my lifetime.

John Reimann

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