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I do think there's nothing that's going to jolt voters into forgetting what
Trump's record.  His diehard supporters know and don't care.  But I think
he's damaged severely and not bright enough to even attempt to do anything
about it other than to repeat what's worked for him in the past.  Nothing
he does is going to get significantly more than he's already got.

What could lose the election is turnout.  The Democrats are trying hard to
convince people that Joe Biden is some kind of old liberal or more, which
he wasn't.  Neither is he entirely up to the ordeal of a serious campaign
without become too exhausted or frustrated to being making utterly
gratuitous and idiotic comments revealing his arrogance and sense of
entitlement.  Either the Democratic leadership will use him only in very
controlled situations and win or they will let him do what Trump does and
risk losing by persuading voters that it's not worth their while to
participate in such a crappy and demeaning process.

Our task should be to see if we can get Howie Hawkins a percentage of the
popular vote as large as Nader got in 2000.  More is possible.  All else
aside, there was a certain very unmerited popularity for Clinton among some
quarters of the female electorate.  Biden does not have anything like that
. . . well, maybe septuagenarians who think that LBJ was treated badly
because of a misunderstanding or something.  But this leaves a sizeable
constituency of people who had hoped for better than Bidenand that, too, is
a question of whether an insurgent ticket can mobilize and turn out those
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