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John, Mark's one line is the REASON I firmly believe that "this time" polls
mean nothing --"What could lose the election is turnout" --- how can any
poll correctly identify "likely voters" in this sui generis situation ---

Voter suppression probably stopped Kemp from having to face Abrams in a
run-off in Georgia -- and may have played a role in black voter turnout in
Milwaukee in 2016.

And I absolutely agree with John that we (the country) are in much worse
shape because Trump won than we would be if Cllinton had won --- I do
think, however, that one can AT LEAST make an argument that had Clinton
won, it would be the RIGHT that would be totally energized to fight her and
the left would be torn between supporting her and fighting her --- whereas
with Trump in power it is our side -- mostly liberals but plenty of
radicals as well --- who are united (and energized) to fight Trump --- in
other words the LEFT is in better shape to advance out agenda because Trump
won ...

Imagine giant demonstrations for Black Lives Matter (with all the
multiracial support generated today) if Clinton had won ....??  Don't think

(Mike Meeropol)
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