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>> Look, you still don't get it, these Healyite provacateurs SUED the  SWP 
in the US courts in the 1980s around these trumped up allegations causing  
that party to spend tens of thousands of dollars in court and attorneys fees  
fighting it. Maybe if you knew about this you'd realize that an attitude of 
 solidarity is called for and not hand wringing about factionalism and 
overheated  rhetoric. Maybe if it was Sam Marcy or Gloria LaRiva they had 
attacked you'd  feel different and realize what this is about. 
Their latest antic was during the recent auto strike when they went around  
placing their main fire on the UNION which they claim is no longer a union 
and  which workers should abandon, not pointing out the difference between 
the union  and its reformist leaders. The whole raison d'etre of this outfit, 
rooted in the  same political milieu as Lyndon LaRouche, is to harass and 
disrupt the  Left.<< 

You are probably right  . . . I just don’t get it. 
Let’s start with Lyndon LaRouche. 
Prior to the start of their "Mop Up Campaign," - against the CPUSA, the  
NCLC sent one of their black sociopath's to our office with a copy of Marx’s  
"Poverty of Philosophy." His task was to "feel us out" and present an 
ultimatum  to us: join their group or get "mopped up." His intent was to try 
create his  modality for a fascist paramilitary group on us. Finding this 
proposition  amazing but not amusing, we politely listened, examined and 
studied the relevant  passages presented by this psychopath - Zeke Boyd to be 
exact, then asked if he  were willing to bring some of his comrades to the 
office or any meeting place of  his desire for further study. Upon agreement we 
proceeded to present a  non-literary propaganda form to convince them it was 
best they approached the  CPUSA, or someone us less desperate. Apparently 
LaRouche himself made a decision  we "were not worth expending organizational 
resources on." 
This was no isolated incident. Previously Emily Mazy -Secretary Treasure of 
 the UAW, had branded us black fascist, who deserved nothing more than 
caskets  for our union activity. This was in harmony with a section of the 
 AFL-CIO/Teamsters, who had threatened to carry out all kinds of foul deeds 
on us  because of our armed intrusion into the building trade unions 
demanding that our  card carrying member be hired. 
There are different forms of propaganda. Our particular ideology finds  
asking to be hired during a period of labor shortage offensive. Our motto was  
"arm yourself or harm yourself." Our ideology was "It is better to die on 
ones  feet than live on ones knees." Since the struggle presented itself as 
being  skipped over for employment  - (with employers demanding more laborers 
and  the union refusing to supply them) the issue was quite clear. Actually, 
it was  this "nor literary propaganda" that lead to Emily Mazy branding us 
black  fascists "destroying the unity of the working class." 
During this period intelligence had tried to send the famous police agent  
that wrecked the Panthers - George Sams, into our ranks. George would attend 
our  meeting but could not penetrate our ranks and was sent to Oakland. 
George Sams  possessed no skills and was not teachable. No one can just hang 
around "shooting  the breeze." I personally knew George Sams because he lived 
in Highland Park, as  did I. Highland Park was the home of our office and 
home to Henry Ford’s first  assembly plant. Everyone in the neighborhood knew 
George to be a dope fiend who  was shot three times for breaking into the 
local "Ma and Pa" store on the corner  of Richton and Lincoln. More often than 
not degenerates and psychopaths are  recruited to inflict blows against 
ones organization. However, these agents can  only exist and thrive in an 
environment that nurture their personality and  activity. 
Comrade, I write about putting the agent to work and teach tactics and  
method to combat the political police. You seem to write ideology. 
Now this story about George Sams,  which has been documented, goes  back 
further and exist on a continuum. Of course I am referring to Fred Hampton  - 
the famous Black Panther leader in Chicago, assassinated in his sleep. Fred  
was proletarian in his core and was sent to Detroit to present us an 
ultimatum.  The police agents within the Black Panther Party mobilized a 
assault  against us for two reasons; first, we stated the so-called lumpen 
proletariat  was not the vanguard of the revolution and put forth the 
proposition that the  black worker at the key point of production was the line 
march in 1969. The  line was the organization of the black industrial workers 
and the formation of a  League of Revolutionary Black Workers was the next 
historical juncture because  it completed and took to the next political 
level the legacy of the old "Negro  Labor Councils." 
The local BBP chapter agreed with us because we made a decision to organize 
 the local Detroit Chapter in our image, given the press the panthers were  
getting. Specifically it was Cass Smith and John Williams. Fred Hamptons 
job was  to retake the local chapter and threaten us with force. 
As matter would have it Fred "hit it off well" with and took a liking to  
General B and the tension was broken with an agreement to surrender the local 
 chapter to them. The threat of violence was defeated and the local Chapter 
would  be taken over by an adventurer named Malik. The police raid against 
the panthers  under Malik’s leadership and how we helped mobilized and break 
the raid it is a  story for later. 
The next flare up with the BPP took place when we did a critique of  
Eldridge Cleavers book "Soul on Ice" and called it "Sold Out Nice" and label  
Cleaver  . . . Mr. Clever and no more than a common rapist recruited by  
intelligence.  Then there was the cramp about bombing the workers out of  the 
plants because they - we, were not revolutionary enough. Intelligence  activity 
has to be defeated and this requires thinking and coherent strategy. 
Here is what happened. Chuck Wooten was sent to Oakland to speak with Bobby 
 Seale and Huey. Now Huey was privileged and believed in a certain kind of 
life  style that included blowing cocaine and having female bodyguards, who 
would  occasionally got naked. I suppose there is fun in this but creates 
the  environment for dope fiends like George Sams. Huey explained there could 
be no  unity because the BBP were dialectical materialist and we were 
historical  materialist, "believing in the workers." In fact, he repeated this 
nonsense in  his "famous" speech at - I believe, MSU. At any rate, it took an 
inordinate  amount of resources - money, and strategic thinking to 
consciously break the  maneuvering of the political police. 
My point is that combating the political police is an art. 
You speak of lawsuits!!!?  Law suits? 
Perhaps, you are not aware that half the intellectuals in and around the  
League were associated with us based on having passed the Bar examine. Laws  
suits indeed. Surely, you jest. We get subpoenaed man. Now a huge section of 
the  law community supported us because we were also the source of workers  
compensation cases. See, how the class thing and money works? It gets 
deeper. An  aspect of electoral work draws lawyers sympathetic to the cause and 
aware that  local government negotiates huge contracts of all kinds. 
Law suits. 
What happens at the next level may I ask? Here is what happens. 
You get off of work and are subpoenaed, after the FBI have come to the  
plant and march you to the front office in front of everyone you work with. 
This  is what they said to me after the "jail house stroll." 
"Mr. Mitchell, our intent was not to embarrass you but we were wondering if 
 we could ask you a few questions." 
""May I see you identification please." 
The agent thrust his badge at me and I put my hand out to take it. The  
agent quickly slapped my hand when I touched the badge and I smiled. I’m real  
clear that this mutherfucker is going to have to shoot me in the back of the 
 head. As I begin stepping backwards, one agent says, "We just want to ask  
question about the League of Revolutionary workers." 
I say nothing turn around and walk out the door. You cannot talk to the Fed 
 boyz because if you say "yes" or "no" they are pretty well trained to get  
something out of anything you say. If you say "No" today, five years from 
now  when questioned, if you say "yes," the Feds say, "wait a minute, five 
years ago  your answer was "No," and then proceed to sweat your ass. If you 
shut up you can  avoid all of this. 
See how to combat the political police? 
There is a larger context. During this period the Red Squad was on like  
everyone. The Red squad was a intelligence agency under the direction of the 
DPD  - Detroit Police Department. This was the period of assassination, when 
the  gunman aim would be slightly off and the guy standing next to you took 
one in  the head. This was the period when a psychopath stormed into the SWP 
office on  Woodward Ave and killed a couple of comrades. 
Fuck a lawsuit. 
Sue my ass and then get paid. I could easily go on for another 6000 words,  
but much of this is already in the list archives. Tens of thousands of 
dollars  ain’t shit. It takes 20 - 40 K to train a communists and yes, we cost 
it out. 
Look, in a real intense situation one is not sued. During the first sign of 
 trouble, you are arrested because your entire family has been classified 
as a  threat to national security. During the early hours of the outbreak of 
the  Detroit Rebellion - hours, General Baker door was kicked in and taken 
out with  handcuff. He was driven to jail with a shot gun on his head the 
entire trip. We  are not sued in intense political periods. We are shot. 
The state and splitting. 
During the most intense days of desegregation a section of the police  
department swung over to the side of the revolutionary impulse. The core of  
these police were organized within the Black Guardian. That is what the police  
who fought their reactionary copartners called themselves. In Detroit 
things got  very nasty and would not be resolved until the mid 1980s, and serve 
as the  backdrop for much of the drug wars and the reformulation of political 
control in  the city. 
The reason we knew that the Panther Office would be raided within hours was 
 from a phone call that originated in the police department . . .OK. You 
think  organizing workers factory cells is intense. Man, let me tell you 
something . .  . fucking with the police is scary and intense. 
But apparently you simply lack the experience and do not know. 
The state is momentarily at loggerhead with itself. The form of this  
paralysis changes with the changing forms of the struggle. Comrade when you  
state you do not understand what I am talking about . . . I in turn understand  
that because you were not at a sharp pitch of struggle to gain the 
experience.  Why else would I write about the state polarizing? So that those 
there can  assimilate the experience.
From a petty squabble about the role of agents in the murder of Trotsky,  
which I have zero interest in, my point of departure is to teach real history 
 about combating the political police. Our job is to teach and transfer  
Enough of this. 

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