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The latest issue of the Platypus Review has an article by the fanatical 
anti-Muslim racists of the "Initiative Sozialistisches Forum" of Freiburg.

This is an organization that publishes nasty little racist tracts making claims 
about the psychopathology of Muslim males allegedly breast fed until the age of 
8 (For a refutation of this filth, see here (in German): 

ISF also publishes book with covers that could be caricatures straight out of 
Der Stürmer:


The truly shameful thing is that ISF's publishing house finances this racist 
filth by also publishing the work of council communists like Anton Pannekoek, 
Cajo Brendel,  and Johannes Agnoli, none of whom are alive anymore to defend 
themselves from this sort of association.

I imagine the Platypus Review people will justify this shameful association by 
trying to claim that they don't actually share these views and are just trying 
to provide "food for thought", but that just means they don't have the courage 
of conviction to stand behind their own racist associations.  Anyway, here's 



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