B. The Relations of Greece and EU: Continuous deterioration to the detriment of 
our country
When  the Treaty-Agreement for the attachment of Greece to EEC had begun  being 
implemented in 1962, professor Nikos Kitsikis (EDA-United  Democratic Left) 
wrote: “today there might be not so many people knowing that the tempest of the 
Common Market will  eradicate peasant households, sweep and disappear 
industries, crush  small manufactures, afflict the middle layers in a deadly 
way, create an  exhausting competition between Greek professionals and the 
foreign ones  to which we are opening widely the gates, enslave our country 
under  foreign capital with uncountable consequences, increase our trade  
balance’s huge deficit even more, render immigration an unstoppable  bleeding 
for our work force and a flee in panic from our country, which  will get poorer 
day by day, because it will produce less, since it will  not be able to sustain 
agricultural and industrial antagonism, but will  drown in foreign products.”
It is well-known that not only  communists and people on the Left – who, for 
their larger part, were  rallying around and expressing themselves politically 
through the lines  of EDA – but also people from other political wings opposed 
the  country’s attachment to the EEC, and this was because of the negative  
consequences on its financial-political course, as well as opposed its  
to the EEC (later EU), which took form with the signature of  the relevant 
agreement (28 May 1979) by Karamanlis Sr’s government (the  country started 
participation in the EEC’s decisions from January 1981).
Today,  48 years after the attachment Agreement and 31 years after the  
agreement of Greece’s entrance to the EEC, the working class and the  entire 
Greek people live the negative consequences of the aforementioned  scientific 
predictions of Nikos Kitsikis as well as others.
It is obligatory to realize and be reminded that the  decisions – damaging 
decisions for the class interests of the  proletariat and peasantry as well as 
of the nation – for Greece’s  attachment-entrance to the EU were absolutely the 
strategic choice of big local capital, the country’s dominant reactionary 
From  that time until a few years ago, the bourgeoisie’s political  
representatives cultivated a series of myths, such as 1) “equal  participation 
in the EU,” 2) “permanent development,” 3) convergence of  EU’s member-states’ 
economies,” 4) “permanent prosperity” – myths that have now fallen to pieces – 
while  the ultra-reactionary “ethnarch” Karamanlis had the fathomless audacity  
to speak even about “the fortification of the country’s national  sovereignty” 
during the entrance agreement signature ceremony.
In  contrast to the local reactionary bourgeoisie and its representatives’  
fictions, with the attachment of Greece to the EEC and above all its  permanent 
entrance to it and then to EU-EMU, very significant changes  determining 
decisively the country’s thereafter course until today took  place and shaped a 
new situation:
        1. The  country’s imperialist dependence by EU monopolies is expanded,  
reinforced and strengthens, and gains an absolute, full and suffocating  
        2. The exploitation of wealth by foreign monopolies reaches 
        3. Financial  policies, and not only these, are determined exclusively 
by EU  
monopolies and serve their own interests, and are decided by Brussels  and the 
imperialist Organizations Commission and ECB,
        4. The  economy of Greece has become in these recent years a supplement 
of the  
economy of the powerful imperialist countries of EU, mainly Germany and  
and the country has turned into an area of investing their  capitals and a 
market for selling their products,
        5. The difficulties and negative consequences for industry and 
agriculture are 
        6. A strong constraint of national sovereignty is taking place
In  the 48-year period between the agreement for Greece’s attachment to EEC  
today, the gap between imperialist EU and the Greece has been  constantly 
deepening and expanding – instead of shrinking – and reached a  tremendous 
degree at all levels – because of the action of the law of  uneven economic 
development within the EU domain – while lately, besides  the falling apart of 
the aforementioned myths, the myths of  “protecting-securing the country from 
bankruptcy” and “decreasing the  borrowing interest rate,” since the bankruptcy 
of Greek economy is now a concrete fact, and the interest rate,  after the 
recourse of Papandreou’s government to the notorious “support  mechanism” of 
EU-IMF is now at the usurious level of 5%. In the final  analysis, the country 
resulted not only to the recent triple occupation  of Commission-ECB-IMF, but 
also the placement of their representatives  at Athens, thus erasing every 
of national sovereignty, since these  – as representatives of European and 
national capital – are deciding  for everything, including our country’s 
fortunes, simply giving orders  to a puppet-government which deliberately 
forward the measures  not only at the expense of the working class and the 
people, but also of  the country.
After the country’s definitive entrance to the  EEC, revolutionary communists 
and anti-imperialist – as well as other  forces (“K”KE, Maoist revisionists, 
Trotskyists, more recently NAR,  etc.) for demagogical reasons, as it has 
evident by their  attitude today – have correctly upheld not only their 
for Greece leaving-exiting imperialist EU – which is expressed in the 
anti-imperialist slogan “Greece out of the EU” – but waged a struggle and 
promoted with every opportunity the  necessity of the country’s exit from the 
“lions’ den” of big European  monopolies.
Today, after the breakdown of the last great myth of an EU “saving” Greece 
through the “support mechanism (i.e. enslavement mechanism) and the 
“life-saving” usurious interest rate of 5%, the dramatic, absolutely negative 
and adverse developments to our country’s disadvantage – the result of the 
ever-more suffocating dependency by powerful EU monopolies becoming 
choking-strangulating by the new occupation of Commission-ECB-IMF – are 
again, with a particular sharpness, to the centre of the political moment the 
anti-imperialist slogan-position of Communists and anti-imperialists “Greece 
of the EU,” placing at the same moment to the agenda as immediate goals of the 
struggle of the working class and the people: Greece’s WITHDRAWAL of the 
EUROPEAN UNION, along with the exit from EMU-EURO,  the refusal of recognizing 
the country’s debt and the unilateral entire  debt suspension of payments. This 
is the proposal for struggle by the  Movement for the Reconstruction of KKE 
1918-55 in this crucial historic  period, a period when there is neither a 
revolutionary condition nor a Leninist-Stalinist type revolutionary party. It 
a political goal-proposal in complete opposition and in direct rupture with the 
big local capital’s current strategic choice of Greece STAYING in EMU-EURO-EU.

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