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Thank you.  This is very informative. 
I wish you could  elaborate a bit on the points quoted below.   When you 
have a  chance. 
"Something similar but at a much higher level is taking place  in real  
time America. 
The trade union  movement cannot and will not be reinvigorated on the  
basis of which it  was formed: the industrial union model or during the  
transition from  craft to industrial union form. Nor can the trade union  
be invigorated based simply on the employer-employee relations. The  current 
“great recession” is not just cyclical crisis of overproduction but  
occurs against a backdrop of revolution in the means of  production."  

I commit to something tomorrow. But it will be brief and with a narrative  
This thing concerning the attempted assassination of an elected political  
representative and murder of several people and wounding of many more  
deserves  attention. 
I am speaking about the role of force as an economic power versus the  
sterile concept of the role of violence.  This 22 year old boy, pardon .  .  . 
young man, who took up the gun as a political solution had an  ideology 
that is being obscured. I believe his ideology was that of the  so-called 
"Second Constitution" or the 13, 14 and 15 amendments outlawing  slavery. 
The specific manner in which the ideological struggle is being framed in  
America is going  to be important. I hope to write on this for Marxist  
Debate, but I always have other commitments in real time. 
We are celebrating the 150 anniversary of the Civil War in America and this 
 is going to be a big issue in the political and ideological sphere. I am 
trying  to get up to speed knowing that others are more capable. 
Yea, the industrial union form is spent. 
The UAW is fighting a death battle and trying to leap to another form of  
unionism where the union as an administrative apparatus transcends the bound  
of  employee- employer relations and speaks to the needs of the destitute  
proletariat. There is nothing God ordained that says this fight will be won. 
We peaked at 1.5 million members and today have 355,000 with most outside  
auto or say 150,000 directly related to auto. Then there are 600,000 -  
800,000 retired members of the union forced to enter a survival fight  
without a connection to an employer. This is not a thesis but a statement of  
It gets deep because retired members of the union can pay $2 dues per month 
 and stay organically connected to the union or they can form their own  
organization and pay say $4 a month to fight for their specific interest. 
I do not advocate split, at this time but things are gong to heat up real  

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