It is not only labor hacks and the revisionists who would like to render the 
working class insignificant, the capitalist class would like to also.  To 
spread doo-doo, that our class be disgraced,   is one way of doing it,  in that 
we may be portrayed as greedy bribed servants of capitalism.

That the Ford auto capitalists granted $5,000 to some workers according to 
their profit sharing scheme  seems to be a lucky break for the auto workers, 
you would think, considering that the  "concession" involved quite a few years 
of wage freezes, layoffs of 40,000 plus workers, cut in health benefits, 
wages,  and what else can the capitalists think of.  It also includes,  a new 
tier of workers starting at less than $15.00 / hour, not to mention loads of 
new assembly plants hiring non union labor.

Workers, of course, do not work for free.  Under capitalism,  we fight for the 
better sale of our labor power.  We are still the exploited and value creating 
class;  that class who sustains the banks, government, welfare queens and kings 
[that I may not be male chauvinist] , prisoners, unemployment insurance, the 
homeless, the military,  workers compensation, SSI, SSD, medicaid, medicare, 
EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY ... that class who can hammer the final nail into the 
capitalist coffin.   In fact, even under socialism it remains "from each 
according to their ability,  to each according to their work".  Of course, and 
I agree, that rule is a vestige  of capitalism, but until the working class has 
complete control of production, technology, science, and distribution, why 
would anyone work so that an idle person can live off your labor.... isn't that 
what capitalism is all about?  

All right then.  We see what is happening to our class.  We are becoming 
destitute and homeless... impoverished.   And why is that?  Because IMPERIALISM 
is almost dead.  It is becoming more and more difficult for IMPERIALISM   to 
exploit the people's of the world!   Socialism is resurrecting again among the 
consciousness of the working class.  We are realizing that the Capitalists are 
the destroyers and so who needs them?

What's $5,000 dollars?  Considering the value of the dollar, which no country 
in their right mind would want to bargain with, inflation and all:   $5,000 U.S 
dollars is worth Jack.... o.k. maybe worth half of that, or a quarter.  That'll 
go 1, 2, 3.  in the consumer market.  Will the working class sell out their 
unemployed and marginalized brethren for that?  

$5,000 dollars can buy at least 3 lumpens to inform on the working class and 
their revolutionary agents;  but nowadays, you'll need more than that to buy 
off a fed up working class, don't you think?  

I do.  That's the crux of the matter.  The class struggle.


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