Apparently the statistics show that unmarried pregnancies in the black 
community have been going down.  In fact, black fertility, married or not, has 
been going down.  Thus, the racist myth of irresponsible black women popping 
out babies from different fathers is shattered.   

“The entire party and country should hurl into the fire and break the neck of 
anyone who dared trample underfoot the sacred edict of the party on the defense 
of women's rights.”

- Enver Hoxha, 1967

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Subject: Re: [MLL] Poor Reason Culture still doesn't explain poverty (Welfare 
Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 1:38 PM

A complex ideological fight is taking place in our country. Most certainly  
the undocumented workers - "the illegal and specifically the Mexican 
immigrant  risking life, limbs and separation from loved ones to find work in 
America is  pose as the enemy. The undocumented worker of this period - the 
Mexican, is not  anyone's enemy, including the capitalists whose recruiting 
agencies have lured  immigrants to our country for 200 years. 
Even when the foreign born were European immigrants - white, they were  
targeted as the enemy as the means for capital to split the working class  
movement. The Mexican undocumented worker pose no threat to our economy, 
of taxation or social programs. One can find on the Internet all the 
economic  data to prove the undocumented workers contribute more to the economy 
than they  receive from government. The attack against the Mexican 
undocumented  proletarians, and through them the attack against the Latin 
proletariat, is the cutting edge of the fascist movement. This bourgeoisie is  
attacking the Chicano, or historic Mexican communities annexed through  
imperialist war. 
Hence the color and language factor. 
Let's stand the color factor on its head. 
A systematic campaign by the bourgeoisie sought to convert the destitute  
white proletarians into an ideological category called "trailer trash." This 
is  a section of the proletariat - white, historically shut out of the 
American  Dream with its promise of home ownership and a promise to give it an 
economic  stake in the system.  Lacking the wage scale and unable to afford 
the 30  year mortgage, this section of the proletariat lived in trailer homes. 
The  ideological imagery of the bourgeois is of white women preferring to 
sit in  bars, collect welfare checks and sell pussy. As if selling pussy was 
not an  economic condition. 
The ideology of the "welfare queen" is fascist ideology. 
The bourgeoisie rely upon historic form of class divisions and the Women  
Factor is the most ancient in world history. In American the color factor  
emerged as the principle material and ideological form of the historic split 
of  the working class and its turning inward against itself. 
The ideology painting welfare as the "big lie" of cash payment or  
"unwarranted credit" to first  BLACK WOMEN and then all women, rather than  
of children, cannot be sustained under condition of destruction of the  
economy and the need to expand the welfare rolls. Expanding the welfare roll  
rather than job creation, is the immediate solution to poverty and 
Fuck a job when people are hungry now and can be cared for now under  
conditions where our accumulation of productive forces is such that we can  
provide for everyone in society. 
We are leaping from an ideological concept on the left of the feminization  
of poverty to the proletariat as female. The ideology of the "welfare 
queen" is  horribly reactionary in practice. When the proletariat is female, 
which happens  to be our case in America, we are not dealing with a bourgeois 
concept of lazy  people but a class. 

In a message dated 1/18/2011 2:28:47 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, 
_jpslovjanski@yahoo.com_ (  writes: 
As you alluded, race plays a big factor in the resentment against social  
welfare programs.  In a book called Why Americans Hate Welfare (may not be  
the exact title, it's been a long time since I've seen it last), the author  
found that most Americans support all kinds of welfare programs.  However,  
they often turned vehemently against such programs when there was a hint 
that  these programs might significantly benefit minorities, especially black  
Americans.  In fact, the common association with welfare is black people,  
despite the fact that far more whites receive such assistance than black  
Americans.  In fact some still believe that only minorities are allowed to  
collect benefits.  A great deal of people believe that illegal immigrants  are 
eligible for state benefits, when in fact they are not. 

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