Melvin states:
"What Obama actually said struck me as significant compared to his last  “State 
of the Union Address,” and Bush W. last four addresses."
Another round of applause for the bourgeoisie!  Hip Hip Hoorah!
As Lenin made clear, the bourgeoise were the first to realize class and class 
struggle.  Nothing the bourgeoisie says is "significant" as it relates to the 
interests of the working class.  The bourgeoisie is the bourgeoisie is the 
This astute realization of Melvins that Obama appears more progressive than 
Bush is nothing but an illusion and propaganda ploy.  Both Bush and Obama serve 
the interests of the ruling class and capital, therefore, neither can or will 
serve the interests of the working class no matter how slick Obama makes 
himself appear with the help of the bourgeois propagandists and spin-masters!
This is nothing more than a continuation of "good cop - bad cop" tactics.  Bush 
was not embarrassed to project himself as an overt fascist but the bourgeoisie 
that Melvin wants to constantly applaud realizes that these tactics and 
strategy of overt fascism was backfiring on them so of course another strategy 
was called for.  This was found in Obama.  The bourgeoisie suckered many 
workers and Marxists into believing "history was being made" with a black 
president and so the hoopla of such "history making" obfuscated the crisis that 
the bourgeoisie and capitalism is fomenting.
Now we are expected to believe that Obama's call for a "new style" of 
bi-partisanship will resolve the crisi inherent in capitalism which is that of 
the class struggle - bourgeoisie opposed to the working class!  Yes Comrades, 
that is the answer.  Another vote for Obama! who says one thing and does 
another which is nothing more than keeping in line with the bourgeoisie's 
agenda of diversionary tactics to divide the working class and keep them 
reliant on the bourgeoisie.
Yes Comrades, the class struggle continues even though the revisionist Melvin 
attempts to convince us that Obama is now singing a more pleasant tune!  Obama 
has not ended the war in Iraq, he has escalated the war in Afghanistan and he 
has bitterly oppressed the working class by refusing to "reform" the fascist 
policies put in place by Bush.  He has further thumbed his nose at the working 
class by making them bear the burden of his bailouts for the rich ruling 
class!  Yes, I'm sure Obama will change his position now!
There is absolutely nothing progressive about capitalism as it is long been 
moribund and on the verge of total collapse which is why the bourgeoisie must 
develop a US style of fascism in order to escalate the class struggle in order 
to protect their vile social system of exploitation. 
When will this revisionist realize that Obama or any other bourgeois politician 
will never seek the interests of the working class?  They cannot.  The 
interests of the working class can only be served in the complete overthrow of 
the capitalist system which includes the likes of Obama and his mouthpieces 
like Melvin who continually seek to mislead the working class and set back the 
socialist revolution.  It is only the proletariat that will bring about such a 
revolutionary change in society - not the silver-tongued bourgeois politicians!
Melvin and his diversionary tactics of trying to get the working class to see 
progressiveness in the bourgeois political arena and avoid the forcibal 
overthrow and suppression of the bourgeoisie must be seen in that light.
When does this revisionism end on this list?
Mark Scott

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