that is approx 1 million per year - which is approx the same as the
number of people killed in car crashes annually

??????? - why would those 2 numbers be so close?

============================ - 842,000 died by suicide
worldwide in 2013 - per 2nd paragraph - 437,000
killed by homicide in 2012 - per 3rd paragraph - 5 million
die from trauma every year - (maybe this is 1.4M car crashes + 437K
homicide + violent suicides + falls (556K per ] + war + ?) -
heart attacks - 12% of worldwide deaths - IHD is becoming a more
common cause of death in the developing world. For example, in India,
IHD had become the leading cause of death by 2004, accounting for 1.46
million deaths (14% of total deaths) and deaths due to IHD were
expected to double during 1985–2015.[130] Globally, disability
adjusted life years (DALYs) lost to ischemic heart disease are
predicted to account for 5.5% of total DALYs in 2030, making it the
second-most-important cause of disability (after unipolar depressive
disorder), as well as the leading cause of death by this date.[127]



I have to draw up a chart showing the leading causes of Years of Life
Lost or Disability Adjusted Life Years

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