just heard via http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/5161/webflash

Engine 2 on the air (this was the dispatcher calling Eng 2 (on Admin apparently)

Engine 2

Eng 2 we have a ems call at XXX Main St

(Eng 2 OK) - I didnt hear them answer but we probably missed it due to
the scanning action of the feed


tone - Attention all companies Eng 2 has been dispatched on the air to
XXX Main for a EMS call - (apparently this was the dispatcher
operating on the Dispatch channel)

later Eng 2 was heard going on arrival at the scene


I think the radio scheme works like this -

if a unit is in a fire station - they are dispatched via the Dispatch TG

if a unit is outside of a station - they are dispatched via the Admin TG

all calls are announced via the Dispatch channel (even if the unit was
dispatched via the Admin TG)

minor calls are handled on the Admin channel

major calls go to Ops B or Ops C or maybe Ops A or maybe Ops D
(various talkgroups (TGs))

no ambulances are being heard on this feed - correction - an engine
was trying to call an ambulance - the dispatcher had to call EMS via
intercom or telephone to get their ETA - which was 10 seconds

units tell the dispatcher when they are "back in quarters" - this
probably tells the dispatcher to use the Dispatch TG to contact them
[ this is probably fairly standard across the USA - except that some
FDs will use the station telephone or computer exclusively to tell the
dispatcher that they are "back in qtrs" ]


note to self

(gmail compose just failed again - weird)

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