Idaho started to build a 700 Mhz TRS (about 15 to 20 years ago IIRC)

Looking over the info at Radio Reference - it appears that maybe 4 of
the 50 counties in the state have fully moved to the State TRS. 3
other counties might be on the State TRS or still might be on their
old channels (VHF and UHF). The rest of the counties do not seem to be
operating on the State TRS.

Historically - Idaho had police on UHF (453 Mhz and 460 Mhz) - and
fire and EMS on VHF highband (150 Mhz to 160 Mhz).

The State Police do have a statewide UHF system. I dont know how much
they use the statewide 700 mhz TRS.

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