Radio Reference tells us today that Seabrook NH FD is using 153.3725 R
with a PL of 136.5 on the output of said repeater

On Sat, Jun 6, 2015 at 10:40 AM, Peter S <> wrote:
> 153.3725 R - 158.1975 M - 158.3625 M
> There is a nuclear power plant in Seabrook - reportedly they use a
> fully encrypted UHF TRS
> Seabrook FD has been something of a mystery agency on the radio -
> apparently they page out on 154.145 but are never heard after that
> In the area - 154.19 is countywide for Rockingham County NH FDs -
> 154.145 was historically shared by several Mass and NH FD - now taken
> over by Hampton NH on 154.145R - Seabrook PD has a VHF highband
> repeater - not sure if Seabrook DPW has a radio channel or not - maybe
> 155.145 - Rockingham County police units use P25 on VHF highband -
> nearby Massachusett PDs use UHF - nearby Massachusetts Fds use 158.955
> R - nearby Mass ALS uses 160.02 R

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