2013 story from Albuquerque NM area

I am trying to figure out which Indian sites have their own Fds -
Sandia Pueblo has their own 16 man PD and a new HQ - not sure about
anyone else

I dont know if any fire stations on the Sandia Pueblo - which is very
weird since they have a clinic and a PD

If that Rte 66 casino does not have a PD or FD then they are at least
30 minutes from the closest county fire station

Sandoval County FD does have 1 or 2 "county" fire stations at other
Pueblos in Sandoval County - I dont know what the big problem with
Sandia Pueblo is - heck Sandia Pueblo might have a IHS ambulance, a
BIA FD, and a BIA PD in addition to any county and tribal stations

If you look at the Sandoval Coubty FD website you will see that things
are kinda weird - Zuma Pueblo Fd became Zuma VFD became Sandoval
County Fire District 3 / Zuma Fire etc - their name changes every 10
years or so

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